Drug and Alcohol Interventionist

Addiction Intervention Therapy

Addiction is a challenging and complex issue that affects not only the individual struggling with it but also their family and loved ones. Recognizing the need for professional guidance, we design our addiction intervention services to offer comprehensive support to both individuals and their families during this difficult journey. With a focus on compassion, understanding, and personalized care, we aim to empower our clients to overcome addiction and rebuild their lives.

Our specialized addiction intervention therapy services provide a structured approach to help families confront their loved one's addiction and guide them towards the necessary treatment. By employing evidence-based strategies and tailoring our approach to each unique situation, we ensure that the intervention process is as effective and supportive as possible.

In addition to addiction intervention, our therapy services address the underlying issues that often contribute to addiction, such as co-dependency and family dynamics. By working closely with clients and their families, we create a safe and nurturing environment in which everyone can begin to heal and move forward.

As a sole practitioner, I hold a Masters in Addiction Counseling and certifications as a Masters level counselor, national drug and alcohol interventionist, and recovery specialist. My mission is to assist individuals struggling with addiction to find the treatment they need. I provide counseling services to clients and their family members, addressing co-dependency issues and offering support throughout recovery.

Phase 1


Building comfort and clarity among participants is crucial. I prioritize this by dedicating the first three days to meet with each loved one individually and as a group. I will guide them toward their own path to recovery, separate from the addict's.

Drug and Alcohol Interventionist
Drug and Alcohol Interventionist

Phase 2

After understanding the family's situation, there are two possible approaches to intervention.

Option 1

This approach is often depicted on TV, where the intervention is planned, but the addict is not informed.

Option 2

Alternatively, I spend time with the addict one-on-one and am transparent about the family's concerns. The intervention is not a surprise but rather a discussion initiated by the family.

Both approaches can lead to success or failure. It is crucial for all parties involved to work collaboratively toward the same goal, ensuring the best possible outcome for the individual in need.

Phase 3

This phase takes two days to complete.

Day 1: Addiction Treatment Enrollment

The first day is focused on enrolling the addict in a treatment program. I will remain by their side until they are safely admitted to the treatment center.

Day 2: Family Responsibilities

Addiction is a serious matter requiring all parties involved to collaborate; love alone cannot solve the problem. The second day is dedicated to meeting individually with each family member to discuss their responsibilities within the family system. Each member is accountable for their beliefs, actions, and behaviors. The whole system may fail if any link in the recovery chain is broken.

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Drug and Alcohol Interventionist