Together a Solution is Possible

Assisting in Addiction Recovery and Guiding Families Through
Co-Dependency Challenges and Boundary-Setting

Certified National Drug & Alcohol Interventionist

I want to assure you that everything will be okay. There is always a solution, even in the midst of addiction. As someone who has experienced both sides of this disease, I understand the challenges your loved one is facing. I am here to offer my support and help you find your way out of the storm.

With almost every degree and certification in the field of addiction, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. But what truly sets me apart is my ability to connect with those I work with on a deeper level. I know firsthand the shame, fear, resentment, and despair that addiction can bring. I also understand the difficulty of being a loved one trying to find a balance between tough love and co-dependency.

So take a deep breath and know that we are embarking on a journey of hope and recovery together. Let's focus on moving forward and finding the solutions that will work best for your loved one and your family.

What Qualifies Me

I hold the following:

  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology
  • Masters in Addiction Counseling
  • Certified National Drug /Alcohol Interventionist
  • Certified Masters Addiction Counselor Level IV
  • International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium issued by the State of Texas
  • Peer Recovery Support Specialist TX-1525-0914

Although I am well qualified by formal degrees and certification in the field of addiction, what truly sets me apart is my personal journey and recovery from addiction.

I understand the despair your loved one is feeling. I have been there myself. I know what it’s like to feel trapped in addiction with no way out. I have also experienced the consequences of addiction, including legal issues, time in various treatment programs and coming close to death. I have also seen the impact of my addiction on my family and friends. But there is hope, and I am here to help you and your loved find their path to a better life.

Drug and Alcohol Interventionist
Drug and Alcohol Interventionist

How I Help

I will not use deceptive tactics to guide your loved one toward recovery. My approach is rooted in honesty and transparency as I help them face the reality of their disease. With my own firsthand experience in the trenches of addiction, I bring a non-judgmental and empathetic approach to the process. I will work with your loved one and you to establish healthy boundaries and help guide them toward choosing to seek treatment.

Interventionist work with clients and families is intense emotional, physical and spiritual work. As a result I can take on only a limited number of cases a year, but rest assured that even if we are unable to work directly together, I am available for support by other indirect means to assist you and your loved one with this process. Remember, tough love doesn't make you responsible for negative consequences. It sets healthy boundaries to help your loved one take responsibility for their healing and success.


  • Individual sessions for the person struggling with substance use.
  • Separate sessions for family members to address co-dependency, boundary-setting, and reintegration concerns.
  • Assistance with transportation to the treatment facility.
  • Guidance on funding options for treatment.
  • Resources - helping to connect to identify treatment centers that accept the client's insurance, whether through a guardian/parent or personal policy.
  • Navigation and connection with low-cost or no-cost treatment options for those without insurance.
Drug and Alcohol Interventionist
Drug and Alcohol Interventionist


Transparency is important to me, so I want to disclose my fee upfront. Please know that my fee is fixed and does not change. Everyone is charged the same, whether it's for a standard intervention or a more complex case. 


Drug and Alcohol Interventionist

The cost is $2500.00 plus travel expenses.

Drug and Alcohol Interventionist

The process takes 3-5 days.

Drug and Alcohol Interventionist

Please Connect With Me for More Details.